About Us

The Life's Second Chance Foundation

The Life's Second Chance Foundation Hospital's appeal was launched in 2006. With your generosity and support, the hope is to raise funds to equip and furnish General hospital with strong Oncology department , research and training center in Ethiopia with the most up-to-date medical equipment. These facilities will ensure that thousands of cancer victims and their families have access to services, treatments, support and education. At present, with no care facilities, they have no alternative but to live and die with their cancer. 

This is a big dream, one that can be realized with your encouragement, support, and enthusiasm. 

The foundation is rooted in a unique mission to fight cancer  and other illness on four fronts: patient services, research, education, and advocacy. The Foundation has taken on a challenging yet essential task. To achieve our goals we need your moral and financial support. We rely on the humanity and generosity of people like you. Please help in any way you can. There are many ways you can help in making this dream a reality. To find out more, please visit the volunteer and donation pages.