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100% Money Back Guarantee

New Awakenings Coffee's are guaranteed to be fresh, professionally roasted, pure high-quality coffees. If you are not completely satisfied please call us at (800) 595-1561, 8am to 6pm Pacific Time. If we determine that there was a quality problem with your shipment we will offer you choice of a full refund or replacement. If a replacement is sent we will issue instructions for return of your problem shipment. Shipments over 14 days old are not returnable. While we cannot accept returns of ground coffee shipments we will issue a replacement if we determine there was a quality problem with the coffee.

New Awakenings Coffee is committed to providing the highest quality coffees at the lowest possible prices. We are also dedicated to the highest standards of customer service. Please let us know if you are disappointed with New Awakening Coffee for any reason. We highly value your feedback.